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Passion for quality!

We have been working with horseradish for more than 100 years. We have passion for quality - at every stage of the process. We grow the horse radish ourselves; we monitor the crop on our own fields from planting till harvesting. We transport it ourselves too and turn it gently and carefully into high-quality products. We produce customised products from particular raw material according to recipes supplied by our trade and industry customers and those are delivered all around the world.

Consumers, housewives, chefs in restaurants and canteens are using our horse radish on a daily basis. He has long become more than just an accompaniment for hearty, savoury dishes.

Based on our long horse radish tradition and our product and processing expertise, we can to tell you this:
Our product just keeps "getting younger" - more and more connoisseurs, the young and the young-at-heart, continue to discover new ways to work with it.

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