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For the food industry, we are well-respected producers of primary products. We also offer all our expertise as private label producers in the production and development of own brands. We are proficient in production processes and are able reliably to produce different batch sizes.

We know how much responsibility is linked to such production. Our quality management will clearly map out all the production stages so our customers can follow them. This offers our industry customers the greatest possible transparency and security. As a solidly established, medium-sized company, we can adapt to a wide range of company structures and production processes.

Our laboratory and our technology turn our own and our customers' product ideas into recipes suitable for the industry. We are also in a position to improve existing recipes.

Do you have an idea for a new product?
Are you looking for a new product idea?

We will test your idea to see if it can be converted into practice.
We will develop alternatives or improve on your idea.
We will help your idea to achieve market maturity.

We will be happy to inform you, in a personal discussion, which ideas we have already successfully developed for the market. We look forward to be able to show you our productive efficiency.

Phone us at +49 (0)911/77 49-3
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