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Gastronomy and bulk consumers

KOCHs Table Horseradish 700 g


Always right and always tasty. Right for marinades,
dips and for full-flavoured, hearty horseradish sauce.

KOCH's Table Horseradish, natural and hot, without additives


Natural and in its purest form: highly regarded by chefs

KOCHs PEP Horseradish Cream 485 g


In a practical dispensing bottle, this
creamy horseradish is always the right thing!

KOCHs Horseradish Cream 670 g


The delicate cream reduces the heat of the horseradish
and is the perfect complement to many ingredients.

KOCHs Table Horseradish 1 kg


Always tasty and always perfect. In the popular tub.

KOCHs Vegetable Horseradish 1 kg


The flavour artist in our range
in a small and practical tub.

Kochs Graved Laks Sauce 1,000 ml


It is impossible to imagine Scandinavian cuisine without this sauce. And it's also very popular outside those borders.

KOCHs Table Horseradish 2.5 kg


This excellent horseradish base is almost always
right. Especially for classic horseradish sauce.

KOCHs Horseradish Cream 2.5 kg


Good horseradish cream, so creamy and so
practical in the popular stackable tub.

KOCHs Vegetable Horseradish 2.5 kg


The vegetables give this horseradish
a particularly powerful flavour.

KOCHs Table Horseradish 5 kg


It is and will remain the classic. For hot and cold
dishes. In a large tub for large-scale use.

KOCHs Horseradish, coarse grated 5 kg


The totally authentic horseradish, freshly grated
and with classic texture.
The perfect star of the kitchen, and not only with sausages!