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Table Horseradish


Always right and always tasty. Just the thing for horseradish lovers: for marinades, dips and a full-flavoured horseradish sauce.

Creamed Horseradish

04 Sahnemeerrettich

The cream reduces the heat of the horseradish.

KOCHs Vegetable Horseradish


An especially savoury treat from our range, to add variety to your soups and sauces.

Kiskunfélegyház Horseradish


The genuine Hungarian flavour comes
from this region.

Kiskunfélegyházi Puszta Flavours

Kiskunfélegyházi Puszta-Geschmackibutton

This ingredient is top of the list for Hungarian traditional cuisine.

Kiskunfélegyházi Mustard

Kiskunfélegyházi Senfibutton

The mustard Hungarians love.

Kiskunfélegyházi Garlic Cream

Kiskunfélegyházi Knoblauchcremeibutton

The creamy consistency adds just the right touch to authentic Hungarian dishes.

Kiskunfélegyházi Gourmet Goulash Cream

Kiskunfélegyházi Delikatess-Gulaschcrémeibutton

A true gift for any cook or housewife.

KOCHs White Wine Vinegar

KOCHs Weißweinessigibutton

The basic for every kitchen, made from quality wines with low acidity.

KOCHs Red Wine Vinegar

KOCHs Rotweinessigibutton

The red version is essential too

Casa Rafano Aceto Balsamico

Casa Rafano Aceto Balsamicoibutton

Essential for the modern kitchen.
Traditional Italian vinegar with fine acidity and velvety sweet aroma.

KOCHs Diablo Steak Sauce

44 diablo steak kleinibutton

Devilishly good and devilishly hot.

KOCHs Grillissimo Steak Sauce

45 grillissimo steak kleinibutton

This sauce is essential with barbecued, grilled and fried food.

KOCHs Western Steak Sauce

46 western steak kleinibutton

The delicious sauce for poultry and far more.

KOCHs Yoghurt Salad Dressing

47 joghurt salatdressing kleinibutton

A favourite in the kitchen; it's the natural taste that makes this dressing so popular.

KOCHs Thousand Island Salad Dressing

48 tausendisland salatdressing kleinibutton

This turns every salad into a delicious treat and has been consistently popular since its introduction.

KOCHs Salad Dressing with Herbs

49 kraetern slatdressing kleinibutton

Puts the flavours of spring in your salad

KOCHs Salad Dressing with Garlic

50 knoblauch salatdressing kleinibutton

If you love Hungarian cooking, you'll also love this full-flavoured, versatile dressing.