100% Original Styrian Pumpkin Seed Oil

41 kuerbiskernoel_grossFor over 100 years, this genuine, pure pumpkin seed oil from Styria in Austria has been made from pumpkin seeds without their typical hard shell. This variety developed from a mutation; its seeds are dried at 50 degrees C and ground, then roasted with water and salt until the water has evaporated. Roasting gives the oil its special aroma. 35 pumpkins produce about 1 l of oil. Only heat the oil briefly (max. 70 degrees C) or use it cold. Its nutty flavour is just right for salads, beef or brawn. Store the bottle in a dark place, as the oil is sensitive to light. Pumpkin seed oil stains (do not wash!) can be quickly bleached away in sunlight.

The oil is rich in vitamins and minerals, good for bladder and prostrate and for heart and circulation problems.

Type and size of packaging: 250 ml bottle
Carton pack: 12 bottles