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More than 100 years ago, my grandparents Katharina and Georg Koch began to trade in horseradish roots, in the district around Baiersdorf in Franconia, Germany. They tackled the matter with their extensive family knowledge and laid a solid business foundation. The present KOCHs Meerettich company was built up together with the next and the subsequent generation.
Today we are a well-established family company with two company locations and representation throughout Europe. And yet, right up to the present, we have kept our feet on the ground, always concerned to use our expertise to give our customers the best.

Today we produce in Hungary, with a short route from cultivation to careful processing. The home of horseradish is in central Europe. From there, it began to make its way westwards in the Middle Ages, arriving in Franconia, where we still have our head office. We are very proud that the beginnings of Franconian horseradish cultivation are part of our long family tradition.

I have personally concerned myself for over 30 years with research, growing and cultivation of new horseradish varieties. We cultivate our raw produce ourselves, on the best soils. Together with around 150 employees, we now produce high-quality horseradish products, sauces and vegetable pastes in our modern facilities.

I am very happy to be at the disposal of our business partners, together with our entire team and all our expertise and experience.

Yours sincerely, Hans-Karl Koch